Signature Programs

Encore Is Full Of Life
Keeping the body and mind active is just as vital to staying healthy as your annual physical. Simply because you no longer live at home shouldn’t mean you have to stop doing the activities you’re passionate about – or learning new ones.

Our signature programs at Encore are not about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions and personalities through robust activities, such as gardening, volunteering with children, and even live concerts. These exciting and diverse programs encourage a higher quality of life and a stronger willingness to get involved and socialize within the Encore community.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a partnership with Malvern Elementary School and First Baptist Children’s Center to bring children and our residents together in a fun-filled, mutually beneficial social environment. This innovative intergenerational program encourages learning and social interactions to help bridge the gap between the two groups.

Person-Centered Care Model

Encore's caregivers are specially trained to develop relationships through personalized care that help get to the heart of the matter. Our philosophy involves getting to know the resident in a way that’s meaningful and builds trust.

Pet Therapy

At Encore, our residents enjoy numerous health benefits that come from our innovative pet therapies. Residents are delighted by a variety of pets, ranging from show animals to fair animals, and even horses!

Plant Therapy

The healing power of gardening starts when our residents use their hands to plant seeds in soil and is realized with a beaming smile as they pluck a perfectly ripe summer tomato from the vine.


GriefShare is a trusted support community where residents can share stories of loss and learn about tools for healthy grieving. In partnership with and a local church, we provide a safe environment on-site that makes grieving easier for those with dementia-related symptoms.

Adopt a Grandparent

Encore's Adopt a Grandparent program meets weekly with children from the Boys and Girls Club for interactive, fun group activities to encourage social engagement, laughter, and meaningful relationships. When the children are at Encore, we are a more vibrant community.

Tech Connect

Bringing stimulating life experiences and adventurous activities to our residents is why we created Tech Connect. Through the wonders of technology and power of creativity, connecting with others has never been so easy or so much fun.