The Retreat at Encore

Community living in a dementia-friendly environment can provide a freedom and independence that a dementia-related diagnosis can take away. Gone are the worries and fears of your loved one struggling to make sense of a world that may no longer make sense to them; one that is dramatically changing beyond reason and control. The memory-care community at Encore – The Retreat – provides a respite for not only the resident, but for the family, as well. Our safe and comfortable dementia-friendly environment is designed to control outside noises, distractions, and traffic that might otherwise cause confusion and exacerbate a resident’s symptoms. The staff assigned to The Retreat have consistent and regular schedules which help to familiarize them with residents and allow residents to settle into a familiar routine. Specially-designed activities address changing perception, altered cognition, and current functional levels of those living with dementia-related conditions. While we cannot control the progression and prognosis of this disease, we understand the value in providing an environment closely fitted to your loved one’s need for safety and comfort. Dementia can rob a person of many things. Our staff is here to help lessen the impact of those losses and to build on the moments we have today.